1 Pair Unisex Height Increase Insoles – 9cm Taller



**Product Details: Unisex Increase Insole 1-4 Layer Height Heel Lift Shoe Air Cushion Pad Taller**

Elevate your style and comfort with these Unisex Increase Insoles, designed for a discreet height boost and ultimate comfort. The two-piece design allows easy adjustment for your desired shape and height, ensuring superior comfort.

– Lightweight and comfortable air bubble design
– Molds and shapes to your foot for a personalized fit
– Ventilation air holes and air cushion heel for breathability
– Perfect for adding height at events like parties and weddings
– Virtually undetectable once placed inside your shoes
– Reduces pressure on knees and back, minimizing spine problems
– Made from air-breathing, durable, and flexible high-quality fiber material
– Suitable for various shoes and boots

**Material:** Soft PVC
**Quantity:** 2pcs (1 pair)
**Color:** Black
**Size:** Can fit Men’s shoes (Insoles can be trimmed with scissors to fit your shoes)

**Type:** 4 Layer (9cm)

Step into a world of style and comfort with these height-increasing insoles. Perfect for those long-standing hours and extensive walking routines!

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