Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor – Home BP Cuff Instrument



🏥 **Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor – Your Health Companion**

🌐 **Certifications:**
– **Product Registration Certificate:** xiangxiezhuzhun20202071395
– **License Number:** CFDA NO.20200260

🤫 **Preparation for Accurate Measurement:**
– **Stay Quiet for 15 Minutes:** Prior to measurement, maintain a calm and still posture to ensure accurate readings.
– **Proper Posture:** Place your elbow on the table, palms upward, keeping the body relaxed. Ensure the bandage and heart are at the same height.

❤️ **Examine Arrhythmia:**
– **Real-Time Detection:** The blood pressure monitor can identify arrhythmia within the normal measurement range.
– **Warning Symbol:** If arrhythmia is detected, a warning symbol will appear on the screen.
– **Importance of Early Discovery:** Arrhythmia may lead to cardiovascular issues. If warning symbols are frequent, consult your doctor for guidance and follow their advice diligently.

⚠️ **Important Warnings:**
– **Avoid Electronic Implants:** Do not use simultaneously with electronic pacemakers or other implantable medical devices.
– **Contraindications:** Inapplicable for use with children and individuals experiencing severe arrhythmia.

📏 **Specifications:**
– **Power Source:** 4 x AAA batteries
– **Memory Capacity:** Stores data for 2-99 users
– **Measuring Range:** Blood pressure: ±3mmHg (±0.4kPa), Pulse: within ±5% of the reading

📦 **Package Includes:**
– 1 x Blood Pressure Monitor
– 1 x Arm Strap

🌟 **Your Health in Your Hands:**
Empower yourself with accurate health monitoring. Our blood pressure monitor, backed by certifications, ensures reliability and precision. Keep your well-being in check effortlessly!


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