High-Performance Carbon-Based Thermal Paste for PC Coolers


**Product: Carbon-Based High-Performance Thermal Paste for PC Coolers**

– **Size Options:** Available in 0.5g to 30g for your specific needs.

– **Advanced Formula:** This thermal paste features carbon micro-particles, ensuring an exceptionally high thermal conductivity.

– **Efficient Heat Dissipation:** Guaranteeing effective heat dissipation from your CPU or GPU, maintaining optimal performance.

**Gold Version:**
– **Thermal Conductivity:** 3 W/m-k
– **Working Temperatures:** -50 to 280℃

**Silver Version:**
– **Thermal Conductivity:** 1.9 W/m-k
– **Working Temperatures:** -30 to 180℃

Upgrade your PC cooling system with our cutting-edge thermal paste for peak performance and temperature management.


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