Laptop Cooling Fan – USB, 2 Fans, Accessories

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🖱️ **Introducing Our Multi-Functional Laptop Stands – Choose Your Perfect Fit!**

🌟 **M1:**
– **No LED Light:** Streamlined design for a classic and sleek look.
– **Support for Two Angles Only:** Versatile yet straightforward adjustment options.
– **Two Sizes Available:**
– 25cm x 33cm x 2.4cm
– 26cm x 36cm x 2.4cm

🌈 **M2:**
– **With LED Light:** Illuminate your workspace for enhanced productivity.
– **Support for Four Angles:** Flexible adjustment options for optimum viewing.
– **Two Sizes Available:**
– 24.5cm x 34.5cm x 3.5cm
– 27cm x 36.5cm x 3.5cm

🌟 **M3:**
– **With LED Light:** Enjoy enhanced visibility during work or play.
– **Support for Six Angles:** Maximum versatility for a customized experience.
– **One Size Available:**
– 25.3cm x 36cm x 2.7cm

🚀 **M4 (HD Touchscreen Panel):**
– **With Red LED Light:** Add a touch of sophistication to your setup.
– **Support for Six Angles:** Versatile positioning for your convenience.
– **One Size Available:**
– 36.3cm x 26.8cm x 2.9cm (7cm-13cm when opened)

🌀 **Key Features:**
– **Quiet Fan Technology:** Elevate your working or gaming environment with a noise-free cooling solution.
– **Efficient Cooling:** Big fan ensures rapid cooling for optimal device performance.
– **Customizable Colors:** Choose from up to 5 colors to match your preferences.
– **Rotation Speed:** Impressively fast at 1000 rounds per minute.
– **Dual Fan Operation:** Double the cooling power for efficient temperature control.

🛡️ **Warranty Period:** 3 months (Original packaging is required)

Upgrade your workspace with our versatile laptop stands, offering a perfect blend of functionality and style. Choose the ideal model that suits your needs and enjoy a superior computing experience!


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