Khairul Aming Sambal Nyet Berapi – Max 6 Bottles



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Hey, What’s Up Guys! Introducing MinMin’s First Product 😊

🌢️ **Sambal Nyet Berapi by Khairulaming:**
– πŸ”₯ Gross Weight: 330g
– πŸ”₯ Net Weight: 180g
– πŸ”₯ Expiry Date: 5 months (refer to the date on the sambal bottle)
– πŸ”₯ Ingredients: Shallots, Chili, Garlic, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Salt, Flavored Pepper, MSG
– πŸ”₯ Preparation: Ready to eat. Perfect with white rice and side dishes like sunny-side-up eggs, fried fish, fried chicken, etc. Also suitable for cooking dishes like stir-fried shrimp with stink beans, fried rice, coconut milk-based dishes, etc.
– πŸ”₯ Storage: Keep refrigerated after opening. Avoid using wet spoons to maintain sambal quality. Sambal may become “frozen” after being taken out of the refrigerator due to its oil content. Before consuming, take out the sambal ahead of time to allow the oil to thaw. Alternatively, you can pour the sambal over hot side dishes or heat it in the microwave.

Thank you for all your support. This is MinMin’s first product, and we apologize in advance for any shortcomings. Any issues will be addressed and improved over time πŸ™‚


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