Ouson Digital Blood Pressure Monitor – LCD Display, 2 User Support, Arm Cuff



🩺 **Ouson Blood Pressure Monitor & Arm Cuff**

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🚨 **Safety Note:**
Ouson Blood Pressure Monitor & Arm Cuff is designed for adults 18 years old and above only.

🔍 **Important Notice:**
A minor printing error on Ouson Blood Pressure Arm Cuff Size L affects the inches markings. Please note the size remains accurate, and this error does not impact functionality.

🌐 **Brief Introduction to the Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor:**

**Product Description:**

⚠️ **Important:**
– Read the instruction manual carefully before operation for correct usage.
– Intended for measuring blood pressure and pulse rate only.
– Not a diagnostic device. Self-diagnosis and treatment using measured results may be dangerous. Follow your physician’s instructions.

📝 **Note:**
– Blood pressure varies during the day due to various factors.
– For maximum accuracy, use the option to average your last 3 readings.
– Refer to the fifth picture for the correct posture and steps before measurement.
– Avoid strenuous exercise, smoking, or drinking stimulants/depressants (e.g., coffee or alcohol) before measurement.
– Measure at least TWICE with a 5-minute interval; longer intervals may be needed based on personal health status.
– Arrhythmia and arteriosclerosis patients should be measured by medical staff for a professional diagnosis.

🔍 **Product Features:**
– Auto inflation; One-button operation; Automatic power-off after 30s of inactivity.
– Auto inflation and deflation; Battery low indicator.
– 2 user groups, each storing up to 99 measurements.

📊 **Specifications:**
– Rated voltage: DC6V (4*AA batteries), USB 5V adapter.
– Measurement range and accuracy: 0 ~ 299mmHg, ±3mmHg.
– Pulse range and accuracy: 40 ~ 180 times/min, ±5%.
– Cuff circumference range: 22-32cm.
– LCD viewing area: 2.5 inches.
– Memory: 99 x 2 Users.
– Automatic power-off: 30 sec inactivity.
– Automatic pressurization using a micro pump.
– Quiet Pump: Silent Inflation.
– Date & Time Function.

🩸 **Clinically Accurate:**
The electronic blood pressure monitor utilizes advanced measurement techniques for accurate readings, essential for managing high blood pressure. Powered by 4 x AAA batteries (included) or USB cable (included).

📑 **MDA Registration No:**


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