Ready Stock Slim Fit Men’s Hiking Jacket – Summer Thin, Sun Protection, Unisex



**Product Details:**

– **Fabric/Material:** Acetate Fiber
– **Ingredient Content:** 100%
– **Version:** Loose
– **Collar Type:** Hooded
– **Popular Elements:** Pockets, Zippers, Prints
– **Style:** Korean
– **Applicable Age:** Youth (18-25 years old)

**Key Features:**

1. **Super Fast Delivery:**
– Usually delivered on the same day
– Transported to Shopee warehouse for international shipping within three days
– Ensuring you receive your clothes promptly!

2. **Factory Direct Sales:**
– Large number of spots available
– Shop with confidence!

3. **Quality Check:**
– Every piece of clothing is thoroughly checked before shipping
– Ensuring your clothes are in excellent condition upon arrival

4. **Size and Color Consultation:**
– Please consult customer service for any size and color concerns
– Choose the right size based on weight:
– M: 40-50kg
– L: 50-60kg
– XL: 60-70kg
– XXL: 70-80kg
– 3XL: 80-90kg
– 4XL: 85-95kg

Upgrade your wardrobe with this Korean-style, hooded jacket featuring pockets, zippers, and prints. Enjoy fast delivery and reliable quality assurance. Consult with customer service for any size or color queries. Choose comfort and style effortlessly!


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