YASE YS2115A Desktop Fan

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YASE YS2115A Desktop Fan


  • Auto Shaking Feature:
    • Automatically oscillates to distribute airflow across a wider area
    • Enhances cooling effectiveness without manual adjustment
  • Adjustable Settings:
    • Multiple speed settings for customized airflow intensity
    • Adjustable tilt angle to direct airflow as needed
  • Quiet Operation:
    • Designed for minimal noise output, ideal for quiet environments
    • Ensures comfort without distraction during use
  • Compact and Portable:
    • Space-saving design suitable for desktops, countertops, or bedside tables
    • Lightweight for easy relocation and storage
  • User-Friendly Controls:
    • Simple control panel for effortless operation
    • Easy to adjust speed and oscillation settings
  • Energy Efficient:
    • Low power consumption for cost-effective cooling
    • Environmentally friendly with reduced energy usage
  • Safety Features:
    • Built-in overheat protection to prevent overheating
    • Sturdy base for stability and safe operation
  • Modern Design:
    • Sleek and modern aesthetic complements various room decors
    • Durable construction for long-lasting performance

The YASE YS2115A Desktop Fan offers auto-shaking oscillation, adjustable settings, quiet operation, and compact design for efficient cooling.

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